Travelling is the language

I am making a survey these days about travelling. Where do you go when you visit a new place (city, village, country)? Do you choose to go to the most touristic places? Or do you like to spend time in caffès and restaurants to taste the specific food? Do you rather prefer museums? Maybe taking the pulse of nightlife of the city? Let me know your opinions!
The idea came after travelling to Antwerp for a day and then to Brussels for a couple of hours. Antwerp was for me a “first-timer”, while Brussels is one of the most visited foreign cities in my list. Analyzing both of them, I must say that I felt very safe in Antwerp and not-so safe in Brussels. Let’s briefly take them one-by-one.
In beautiful Antwerp, I’ve visited the main touristic locations: the famous Central Station, Cathedral of Our Lady, Grote Markt, Boerentoren (Farmers’ Tower), which is actually the oldest skycraper of Europe and last but not least, the MAS (Museum aan de Stroom, which means Museum at the current), where we spent quite some time. Exhibitions were interesting and used various methods to illustrate the point, yet once finishing an exhibition, I’ve felt like I couldn’t connect the dots… but all in all, it was a well invested time. 
I’ve visited Brussels a couple of times already, so I started looking for more specific places and less famous. This time I’ve accepted an invitation and went to a very nice bookstore, listed in a top of 20 most beautiful bookstores in the world (listed in the 5th page here).
Cook&Book Brussels
Apart from that, it was mainly moving from one place to another in order to join a party of a friend. This whole moving from here to there generated this not-safe feeling. Might have been also because of the metro environment and the late hour, and well.. this is how you actually get to know a city, isn’t it?
The adventure continues with travelling in Belgium. I am interested in receiving both recommendations of places to visit in Belgium/Leuven, and general suggestions about where to go when you visit a new city. Thank you!



12 responses to “Travelling is the language

  1. Salut. Eu deja am vizitao gramada de locuri in Belgia si acum am un must see list cu locuri extra pe care vreau sa le vad

    Continua cu Dinant, Durbuy (world’s smallest city), Gent (must-see), Brugge (too toursity), Ostende/Knokke si un week-end in the Ardennes 🙂

  2. David

    I like seeing stuff that is popular, but if I really want to know a city, I have to do what the locals do. You know, blend in.

    Eat where they usually eat, enter the small neighborhood churches, shop at the corner-shop, rent a bike, see the groceries market, buy local bread and eat it in the small parks where they usually hang out.

  3. for me it’s always about feeling the city and trying to picture myself living there. I love to walk around the city with the locals, do the stuff they do and go to the places they usually hang out. Even if sometimes I have to skip the most famous attractions but I felt the city for even a moment – I feel fulfilled 🙂

  4. Cauta-l pe Zinneke in Brussel 😀
    Era o crasma faina aproade de el 😛

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