One racist joke = 1 €



As you most probably read on this post, stereotypes discussions are a very common practice in our office. Recently, from joke to joke, the idea of paying for every “mean” of them popped up. Pay how?, you probably ask yourself… 

Inspired by a random idea mentioned by one of the guys, and combined with a (potential) app who started being developed by some guys at Cluj Cowork, I thought of proposing the following: for every “stereotyped” joke, the “joker” must pay € 1. Money will be gathered in a jar called the Peace Jar. What are we going to do with the money? 
It’s simple. We’ll pay a return flight ticket from Belgium to Romania! To whom? Well, this is still to be figured out, but feedback is welcome.
Honestly, I’d give it to the one who makes the least number of jokes, so we discourage this practice. Yet, it could also be decided using Still to be decided, so suggestions are welcome 🙂
As for the cost of the flight, do not worry, I say. A ticket today from Cluj to Charleroi for June was € 27, so it’s affordable 😉
This is just a publicly-expressed personal idea that must be approved by my fellow PhDs. Most probably tomorrow we’ll be debating the concept, I’ll let you know if they are in or not. 
Meanwhile, suggestions on who should win the ticket are welcome 😉 or any other thoughts you want to share! 

6 responses to “One racist joke = 1 €

  1. Count me in 😉

    Though I personally don’t mind a mean joke from time to time – “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” (O. Wilde)

  2. If you give the prize to any of you (, you actually encourage this kind of jokes. Just image the one making most jokes will win, it this really a punishment? And he/she has 1/your_no chances to win, quite large actually.

    If you want to discourage racism, the less jokes one makes, the better chances to win sounds better. Do not reward in any way racism or it will not work.

    • I see your point, Florin. The prize was meant as a way to make them more open minded and provide them the chance, as Western Europeans, to visit Romania (not to say Eastern European countries) and see what’s out there.
      Anyway, the whole action is still a big question mark. I will let you know the decision.

      • Ah, now I got your final idea. There are also foreigners in your group, it was not in your text 😀

        In this case, the idea is to make them come to Romania and see the REAL THING. There is no better advocate that the one who visits our country.

      • I agree with you, Florin 🙂 Yes, there are 4 nationalities represented in our office 😉

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