Easter in Vlaanderen

I’ve been interested to find out what do the local people do on this holiday, especially, since in Romania it’s a very precious day. So precious that we clean for 2 weeks and cook for 2 days 😛 But more about that towards the end of April, as the orthodox Easter is only on 5th of May this year.

ImagePasen in Flemish means Easter. An important tradition for this holiday is hiding chocolate eggs in the garden. For who else, if not children?! They wake up early on Easter morning to find the chocolate eggs in their garden, and then they usually visit their grandparents for even more eggs hunting 😉 

As far as I could perceive, the religious meaning of the holiday is not as strong as in Romania. We’re preparing special dishes eaten only this time of the year, whilst here it was not emphasized as a remarkable aspect. Ok, except for the chocolate eggs 😛 Part of our tradition is to have the food blessed by the priest before eating it.

Regarding shopping, I was expecting the supermarket to be crowded, due to last minute preparations, but it wasn’t the case. It felt just like a regular Saturday. 
And what a better way to finish this post than wishing those who celebrate Easter, Vrolijk Pasen! 🙂

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