To Peace Jar or not to Peace Jar?

Remember the Peace Jar story? If not, check it quickly here 😉
Before telling you the outcome, because yes, I know that’s what you’re waiting for :p, here are some pieces of advice:
1. Never feel bad for the place and community you’re coming from. 
2. Know your pluses, know your minuses. And when they’ll ask you if you have TV in your country, be prepared to tell them you were no. 1 in 2012 at internet speed. 
3. You are not your country. In all the places I’ve been to, I’ve met both nice and awkward people. Some have more nice, some have less 😛
4. You are an ambassador of your country. Full time “job”!
5. Don’t take me too serious. I am just reflecting a lot about where is European Union going. And all the globalization after all. Soon, presidency candidates will have to speak 7 languages to get elected 😛
And coming back to our business, I must announce you that it was a no. The condition was to receive a yes from all my colleagues, which didn’t happen, therefore, we won’t have a Peace Jar. 
As a consequence, I’ve decided to change the strategy to promote Romania in another way. It was amazing feeling to talk about Romanian movies with a Belgian guy and about stunning places I want to visit in my country. Because yes, I’ve decided to be a tourist in my own country this summer! 🙂 
When was the last time you were a tourist in your own country?
p.s. The picture is a scenery of lake Tarniţa in Cluj, Romania.

5 responses to “To Peace Jar or not to Peace Jar?

  1. Same here. Road tip in Romania vara asta 🙂

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