What’s the most intriguing culture in the world?

One of the best things that happen in Leuven is the Spanish conversation group. Yesterday was the best one so far. Both from the language point of view and the content of the discussion. 10 people of 7 nationalities (Mexican, Spanish, Ecuadorian, French, Belgian, Czech and Romanian). Very good mix 😉

Topic of the day: the ideal trip. Everybody shared how would it look like and what places we’d like to visit. Unsurprinsingly, in all the cases, we ended up talking about cultures. “I want to go to India/Thailand/Australia/Peru because I am intrigued by their culture.” Laura (Spain) mentioned it bold that she’d like to go to villages, or anyway, out of the touristic places to meet the ‘real’ people, to feel the culture and get a sense of the place. Couldn’t agree more! 🙂

What made it such a great conversation was the diversity. The different backgrounds and different countries. People that haven’t seen so much snow before coming to Belgium. People that can’t bear that there’s so less light during winter in Belgium. People that at their 50s suddenly start a PhD.

And because follow-up matters, I’ve got some homeworks too! But they are homework that I chose and I want to do. Maybe it should be this way in schools too 😛

  • I want to read more about Machu Picchu, Maya&Inca cultures and Las Fallas festival in Valencia. 
  • A new book in my to-read list: Through the Language Glass by Guy Deutscher. 
  • An amazing website with incredible language learning (among others) resources: http://www.openculture.com. Check it out 😉

Because it’s better to ask questions, than to give answers: what’s the most intriguing culture in the world in your top?

Photo source: http://fallas.levante-emv.com/wp-content/uploads/fallas08.jpg?fa6392


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