Ever booked the kitchen for an important presentation?


Day of the final presentation at KU Leuven in front of the group I worked with. You’re a girl, want to wear a dress, but, bad idea! It was raining that day and I got quite muddy by the time I reached the university. Girls must know the feeling of a dress that suddenly seems way shorter when biking.

Once arrived at the university, I forget all the hassle with the bike & dress & mud, and start getting into the presentation mood. To prepare things in advance, I went 15 minutes before to check the (never-seen-before) room.Ā 

Starting to explore where is the room, I check the left side of the corridor, but magic number 05.119 was written nowhere. What could I think? It must be on the right side! Checking it, I eventually find 05.119. First hunch: it’s (dangerously) close to another room. The kitchen. I knock on the door and then I found out where the door in the back of the kitchen was leading to.

Yes, Murphy was alive and I booked the kitchen for the final presentation.

Pointless to say, as we made the reservation online, I (wrongly) assumed that they would only include rooms that are fit for meetings. Oh well, I couldn’t have been more wrong! I use ‘we’ because only PhDs had access to the booking system, therefore I assisted him while booking a room. His only guilt was trying to help me!

Realizing I booked the kitchen, I was left with ~12 minutes to fix this. I went back to the office, asked the guys to find another room and move the presentation there. They were very operative and in 3 minutes we had booked another room. Announcing everybody the new location, I’m moving all my stuff to that floor.

But no worries, I was not alone, Murphy was there and another PhD student quickly realized there was no projector in that room. Awesome! Go back to the office, book a projector, go and pick it up from the secretary and install everything. This went all fine eventually, with a bit of running, but after all we were also competing in terms of steps (#fitbit) so happy to have some reasons to run around :p

The start of the presentation couldn’t have been of course, smooth, thus my Ubuntu took a while to be recognized (maybe he got inhibited by the mean comments that were addressed to it :P).

Conclusions of the day: when you think there’s nothing else that can go wrong, there actually is. The important thing is the way you respond to it. And how quick you decide to adapt and look for a solution šŸ˜‰

Photo credits:Ā http://www.liberalrev.com/?p=6154


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