We’re looking for two adventurous Belgian citizens for a Youth in Action project in Romania ;)

I’m a Romanian living in Belgium, and recently I have received the following question over and over: “How is Romania?”

I will write a post about it, but meanwhile, I challenge you to discover it yourself! 🙂What’s the deal?

A friend of mine and his team, involved in a Youth in Action project that is developed in Romania, are looking for 2 Belgian citizens, aged 20-30, that are seeking to discover his/her dreams and to figure out what to do with their future. So if you’re looking for a job, but not really knowing the direction + you have some spare time, that’s your call 🙂

There’s some challenge involved too, of course, and that is you need to decide before Friday, 11th of July, as that is the deadline to submit your name for the ticket. Departure is on 16th of July, your contribution (food, lodging, transport) is €250 and the action will take place in Viscri, with a stopover in Bucharest, Romania’s capital city. You can have a look yourself to the pictures from last year.

Now, I have never been myself to Viscri, however, I did visit the surroundings with several occasions. What I can guarantee for sure is that it’s lovely and that I always recommend that area to people who ask ‘where to go in Romania’.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to write them in your comments or even e-mail Jan at desk_at_janhenckens.com

Good luck and should you know somebody interested in this, please share it. You never know who might benefit out of it 🙂

Thank you!


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